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sail plan development & inventory 

The real engine is above decks and come in triangular form. The importance of the sail inventory on any boat cannot be understated. Our Affiliation to one of the leading sail makers in the world, Quantum Sails, allows us to provide the very best sail plan development & inventory available. Every boat has a different set of needs from the sails – be that a grand Prix program, a desire to win a class or division on a Race to Bermuda or Mac Island, club racing, or an adventure to the Caribbean or beyond and a Circumnavigation. We have the solution for you and the expert knowledge and insight into the best fabrics and construction techniques.

Not only will we advise with your needs at the forefront of our mind, we will create customs fitted sails with accurate measurements taken to ensure the perfect sail shape for your purpose. Budget will also be of careful consideration, whilst the range from High end carbon fiber applications in both our racing and Cruising range offer superior performance may come at a premium, the dividends are realized over and over if performance is what you seek. Other methods can be used and fabrics such as Spectra and Dacron can be used to provide excellent Durability to the sail inventory. A conversation with our team will start the path to development of your sail inventory and provide you with the tools aloft to achieve, reliably, your objectives, in a safe, enjoyable way. And a warranty policy to back that all up that is second to none in the sail making industry.

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