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 yacht outfitting for performance and sustainability

Sometimes wanting to outfit and add development to your pride and joy can be overwhelming. There are a lot of choices to be made and a lot of opinions to hear, whilst these are useful and helpful initially, the messaging over which one is right for your personal application can become blurred or muddy as you wade through them. At Red Spinner Yachting we take pride in our impartial, yet professional approach to our outfitting for performance and sustainability ideas and advice.

We believe in what is right for you, the end user, and recognize that a budget is a budget and should be adhered to. This may begin with the actual purchase of the boat, our close association and partnership with David Walters Yachts places us in a special position to help guide in that arena, or with literally hundreds of thousands of miles sailed, Transocean and coastal provides us with a wide range of equipment usage from as far ranging topics as water makers to canvas enclosures and all things in between. We have probably used it, liked some of it and discarded some others too. As always our focus is on you and what you want. A short conversation will allow us to plan your adventures in a way that you want and will enjoy the most.

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