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optimising your teams sailing culture and performance 

At Red Spinner Yachting, not only do we emphasize the importance of a great culture in a team, cruising or racing, but we pride ourselves in our program to optimize the team’s culture and performance – the rewards are plane to see and the enjoyment factor is through the roof. Crew placement goes without saying is key to the success of a racing program or a Trans Ocean Passage – but that doesn’t mean that all are on the same page all of the time and that single point can easily detract from the experience and turn even success on the score board sour. That’s not fun and so often is borne from a poor culture or a lack of team building.


Our program at Red Spinner yachting allows you to not only develop your strengths within the team, but also to learn and grow from your weaknesses through team building and that all important understanding of the needs and cultures surrounding that group. We will provide on water coaching and ashore briefings and debriefings on what we see and what we feel would be positive implementations, to create a plan to provide high levels of success and efficiency to all forms of our sport and pastime. From working together to race the boat as fast and as efficiently as possible to take a step on the podium or to develop on board watch systems and rotations to ensure a harmonious passage from a good place to a greater place. With our proven methods the overall experience is guaranteed to be elevated.

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